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Three dedicated partners,  great employees and Holstein cows make Cowsmo products possible.

Frequently Asked Questions

Compost questions

1. Is the compost certified organic?  No Organic certification is reserved for products consumed by consumers such as food.

2. Does the compost meet the National Organic Practices standard for compost? Yes. It also meets the NOP requirements for manure.

3. What do I need to have for the certifiers when they inspect my farm to see if I meet the NOP standards? Generally you need a letter that explains the process by which Cowsmo is made. We supply that on request.

4. Is Cowsmo different than other compost? Yes. It is made solely from manure as defined in the NOP law, urine, feces, other excrement and bedding  produced by livestock. It really is composted dairy manure. Since it is made from the same material all the time, it is uniform and works the same way all the time. Since it is made from manure it also contains nutrients typical to manure.

5. Is Cowsmo a fertilizer? No it is a soil amendment intended to enhance the performance of your existing soil as manure has for centuries but without all the weed seeds.

6. Is Cowsmo expensive? Cowsmo is priced at $24 per yard in semi load amounts plus trucking. Many organic fertilizers are over $800 per ton. That would compare to about $45 per ton for Cowsmo. Fertilizers may have performance claims that Cowsmo does not.

7. Is Cowsmo natural? Yes. Sometimes natural has an unpleasant smell or texture but Cowsmo is odor free and it has a texture similar to silage.

8. What type of bedding do you use? We use pine sawdust.

9. Does the type of bedding affect organic practices? It only is a factor if a prohibited substance is detectable in the final product. Cowsmo does not contain any prohibited substance.

10. Are there any tests to use to determine how it will work best on my farm? We have a test from Woods End Laboratory that you may have. Also we recommend a natural trial on your farm using it as recommended. There also are many satisfied customers that will share their experiences.

11. How do I order Cowsmo? Call us at 608-626-2571 Leave a message and I will call you right back I use email all the time so you can order using We live in an area with poor cell phone service due to the bluffs and valleys in Buffalo County

12. How much does trucking cost? We ship on either a 40 yard semi or a 20 yard quad axle dump truck. The cost is $3.90 per loaded mile. Our trucker is a neighbor that has purchased the semi for hauling Cowsmo. You may come and pick it up or hire your own trucker. We do not add on to the cost of the trucking

13. How do I pay for Cowsmo? We prefer checks or cash at delivery. If you want us to bill you, we will need to establish a relationship first. Most of our long time customers are billed. If you do not pay, I will persist until I am paid.

14. How far away are you?  We are located in Waumandee Wi which is along the Mississippi near Winona Mn

15 Are you a family farm? Yes The dairy consists of 3 partners, Loren Wolfe, who took over from his father in 1968 and John and Nettie Rosenow who took over from his father in 1972. We combined our farms in 1997 after being neighbors for all that time. We are truly a typical Wisconsin dairy farm but have more cows than most.