Cowsmo will be introducing a new product available in April of 2022. It is called Cowsmo Manure Water. It is a nutrient source similar to manure but in a liquid form. It can be used for all growing plants. Edible plants would need to follow the 120 day before harvest rule for application according to National Organic Practices (NOP) standards. Cowsmo Manure Water will be available in 55 gallon and 15 gallon plastic drums. We recommend 50 gallons per 1000 square feet applied to the soil. In turf applications we recommend application close to the surface and then watering it in to mitigate odor concerns.

Cowsmo Manure Water is made by a unique process of filtration, aerobic digestion and separation with dairy manure. It is put into clean plastic drums and can be shipped with 3-4 drums per pallet.

55 Gallon Manure Water

$75.00 per drum

Cowsmo Manure Water 55 Gallon Drum

15 Gallon Manure Water

$25.00 per drum

Cowsmo Manure Water 15 Gallon Drum

A siphon pump can drain the large drum in 8 minutes. The pumps can be purchased from Uline for under $20.

In these times of very high fertilizer prices, Cowsmo Manure water will be an excellent organic alternative. It is also weed free.

Manure Water Soil Amendment

  • Manure Source in Liquid Form
  • No Weeds
  • Ease of Application
  • Rapid uptake of Nutrients
  • Organic
  • Aerobic

Directions For Use

  • For Lawns 1000 gal/acre
  • For Plants & Gardens 50 gal / 1000 Sq Ft


  • 98% Water
  • 2% Dairy Manure
  • 8.5 lbs / gal

Not for use For Edible Plants 120 days prior to harvest