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Cowsmo Compost 1.25 CUYD Bulk Tote


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For product pricing and shipping, please visit our ‘Request a Quote‘ page.

Cowsmo Compost is our original compost product.  It is a soil amendment which can be added to flowerbeds, gardens, and fields.  We suggest adding a 1-2 inch layer for most home and garden applications.  Cowsmo can be incorporated into the soil or applied to the top layer and used as a landscape mulch.  The dark color on the soil surface will make your flowerbeds pop, and throughout the season, rain will pull the compost down into the soil, making it a dual purpose product! The benefits of using compost include the addition of organic matter, which is essential for soil nutrition and health, improved moisture regulation in soil (better water retention or drainage, depending on original soil properties), and the addition of beneficial bacteria and fungi which help utilize soil nutrients to feed plants.  Our compost is manure-based, but does not smell like cow manure and is relatively weed-free, because we have composted it properly.  It has all of the positive qualities of manure without the hassle!

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Weight 1500 lbs
Dimensions 48 × 48 × 48 in