See Cowsmo CompostCowmo Compost for Gardening

Cowsmo Compost was applied on the
left side of the walk last fall and not
on the right side. See the difference
a bag of Cowsmo Compost will do!

See Cowsmo CompostCowsmo Compost For GardeningCowsmo Compost For GardeningCowsmo Compost For GardeningCowsmo Compost VegetablesCowsmo Compost VegetablesCowsmo Compost For Gardening
Cowsmo Compost CowsCowsmo Compost - How it WorksCowsmo Compost - How it WorksCowsmo Compost - How it Works
Cowsmo Compost Cows

In these unprecedented times, we are seeing extraordinary demand for our Cowsmo Compost. Our supply is limited so we will not be taking new customers until June. We apologize for this suspension of sales to new customers. We will be able to resume sales once our new compost is done. Our Potting Soil products are readily available for both new and current customers.

Thank you for understanding, John and Nettie Rosenow, Owners of Cowsmo

Cowsmo is open everyday from 5 am to 5 pm for your compost and potting soil needs. In these extraordinary times, planting a garden seems like the smartest thing anyone could do. Growing your own food all summer long will assure you of something good and nutritious to eat no matter what happens. Growing flowers and doing landscaping will add hours of fun when other entertainment attractions are closed. Cowsmo will help your plants grow better and it will help keep the weeds down if used as a mulch. We have a good supply of compost and potting soil on hand.

A Product for Every Purpose

Premium Organic Potting Soil - Black Bag

Cowsmo™ Compost is our original organic compost product. It is a soil amendment which can be added to flowerbeds, gardens, and fields.

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Premium Organic Potting Soil - Green Bag

Cowsmo™ Green Potting Mix is designed for use as a seed starting media. It is meant especially for starting plants in small containers that will then be transplanted into larger containers or into the ground.

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Cowsmo Premium Organic Potting Soil - Red Bag

Cowsmo™ Red Potting Mix is designed for general use, especially containers on the smaller side.

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Premium Organic Potting Soil - Blue Bag

Cowsmo™ Blue Potting Mix is designed for use in larger containers. It contains the most sand of the three mixes, which keeps nutrients throughout the soil profile, and provides good drainage for long-term potting.

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Premium Organic Potting Soil - Orange Bag

Cowsmo™ Green Plus is our original green mix with double the perlite and fertilizer and is primarily used in starts and microgreens. It has the same ingredients as our green mix just more of them.

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