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premium-compost-bagCowsmo™ Compost is our original organic compost product. It is a soil amendment which can be added to flowerbeds, gardens, and fields.

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potting-soil-green-bagCowsmo™ Green Potting Mix is designed for use as a seed starting media. It is meant especially for starting plants in small containers that will then be transplanted into larger containers or into the ground.

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potting-soil-red-bagCowsmo™ Red Potting Mix is designed for general use, especially containers on the smaller side.

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potting-soil-blue-bagCowsmo™ Blue Potting Mix is designed for use in larger containers. It contains the most sand of the three mixes, which keeps nutrients throughout the soil profile, and provides good drainage for long-term potting.

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Farm on Ogden

Windy City Harvest, a part of the world renowned Chicago Botanic Gardens, is changing a part of Chicago. They have been a Cowsmo customer for many … [Read More...]

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