We utilize a variety of shipping methods to move Cowsmo from our farm into your home/business:

Packaged Products

  • Single Bags (not palletized) can be shipped for about $30 per bag to most locations.
  • Palletized Stacks of Bags (up to 40 bags/pallet) and bulk totes (which are stored on pallets) can be shipped from $100/pallet and up depending location.  This is meant for business-to-business shipping as someone has to be there to receive the shipment, and a forklift or the equivalent is required much of the time to unload the pallet.

Bulk Products

  • We are able to ship 1 cubic yard to 40 cubic yards of bulk product in a single load.
  • 1-8 cubic yards can be delivered for $2.75 per loaded mile from our farm.
  • 9-40 cubic yards can be delivered for $5.50 per loaded mile on a quad axle dump truck (up to 20 cubic yards) or a semi trailer (up to 40 cubic yards) plus a fuel surcharge.

Freight Information

  • We ship almost daily year-round to 22 states, with the majority of products staying in the Midwest. We use Speedee whenever possible as they offer the best rates we have found. In 2022, Speedee announced it had stopped providing liftgate services in some major cities, as they could not find enough drivers. We understand that alternative carriers are sometimes twice as expensive. This is why we have taken on the task of delivering compost with our own truck and trailer. We do not have a lift gate so, instead, we have been unloading by hand. We are currently working on a plan to unload pallets with a pallet jack from our trailer.

If you need to provide us with special delivery instructions or you wish to save on shipping by combining your delivery with other customers in your area, please contact us directly, rather than using our online store.