Cowsmo Organic Compost meets the National Organic Practices standards and can be used on all organically grown crops.

Cowsmo Organic Compost is a nutrient based soil amendment from dairy cow manure. By adding our compost to your soil, you’re adding organic matter and good bacteria which plants love and thrive on.

Cowsmo goes through a rigorous composting process making sure it is fully composted so it will not burn your plants.

It is weed free! Our compost experts make sure the compost reaches temperatures high enough to kill weed seeds.

Nope, Cowsmo smells just like soil. Good, healthy, earthy, plant loving soil.

Absolutely! Cowsmo will soften your soil and also make it easier to pull out weeds later in the growing season. The compost is full of beneficial microorganisms that help aerate your soil. Not to mention is also helps with water retention and drainage.

Cowsmo Organic Compost has a higher Ph level and will aid soils that are acidic. The addition of our compost will also help improve the texture of your soil, making it easier to work with.

Cowsmo is light and easy to handle compared to soils and will make your existing soil more productive.

Up to 3 inches of compost added to soil works well in gardens and flower beds. Adding compost to your garden or flower bed is the best thing for it!

Yes, a light layer on lawns will add color and improve health.