Cowsmo Potting Soil is made from Peat, Cowsmo Compost, Perlite, sand and 1% fertilizer mix of rock phosphate, kelp and meat and bone meal. Each batch we mix is tested by growing plants in a 38 cell tray. All ingredients are from current inventory or from the same source. We blend it with our compost turner. The mixing is done on an asphalt surface where everything is stored.

Sand is an important part of potting soil as it holds the nutrients in the profile of the soil. In large containers such as totes, this is important to maintain uniformity.

We ship year around and mix to order. Unfrozen totes in January and February are available but weather related only.

We can mix custom mixes with a 4 tote minimum. Request a quote to learn more!

Our Potting Soils

About Our Soils

Blue Potting Soil

  • For larger containers

  • For raised beds

  • For microgreens

  • 17% sand

Green Potting Soil

  • For starting seeds

  • For microgreens

  • No sand

Red Potting Soil

  • For starting seeds

  • 12% sand

Red Plus Potting Soil

  • For starting seeds

  • Same composition as Red but with added fertilizer and perlite


Available Sizes Red, Blue & Green Red Plus
0.6 CUFT Bag $7 $8
1.6 CUFT Bag $12 $14
1.5 CUYD Bulk Tote $175 $205