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Adding Cowsmo Compost to your gardens, containers, and flower beds adds organic matter and good bacteria which promotes healthy plants!

Use our organic compost:
  • in garden beds

  • in container gardens

  • for feeding spring bulbs

  • enriching lawns

  • boosting perennials

  • tree and shrub planting

Using our organic compost:
  • enriches soils

  • retains moisture & nutrients

  • encourages production

  • protects plants from diseases

  • helps maintain a neutral pH

  • NO MORE need for chemical fertilizers!

Cowmo Compost for Gardening

Try our Premium Organic Compost and See the difference!

See What Our Retailers Have To Say

We have used Cowsmo now for 10 years with great results. We thought we would try a competitor’s mix after they gave us some to try. We found out that using Cowsmo Blue soil results in a 2 day longer shelf life for the micro-greens that we provide to Whole Foods compared to the competitor.

Micro Green Grower, Northern Illinois

Customers would come in and order topsoil for their raised bed gardens. We tell them that topsoil alone would be a disappointment. Blend the topsoil with Cowsmo Compost if you want great results. The garden store began doing the blending and the customers saw the great results. The customers were getting great plant growth with minimal weed pressure the very first year.

Garden Store on Nicolette Ave, South Minneapolis

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