Jumping Worms in Compost

Jumping worms have been classified by the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources as an invasive species. These worms have been present in certain Minnesota soils for over 15 years. Jumping worms have been reported in many types of soil including poorly prepared compost. When properly made, compost will kill jumping worms as they cannot survive past 104 degrees. Freezing temperatures will kill off jumping worms; however, any cocoons or eggs deposited in soil that does not freeze, will often survive and begin the next life cycle in the spring.

While all terrestrial earthworms in Minnesota are considered invasive, you won’t see any jumping worms even into June. This is because the new hatch will not have matured by then. As mentioned, the older mature worms do not survive over winter as they only live in the top inches of soil which freezes in our climate’s winter. At this time, there is no known labeled way to control or kill them. Prevention is the only way to limit their spread.

How Cowsmo Prevents Jumping Worms

Cowsmo Compost is made exclusively on an asphalt surface. The compost heats naturally to over 131 degrees for at least a month and is turned/mixed every 2-3 days to ensure all of the compost gets to 131 degrees. It is then picked up and stored on a finished pile that is also on an asphalt surface. We ship it on trucks that do not haul ground or in bags or totes that are new so no contamination can occur. We closely monitor our compost and are happy to report that we have never observed any jumping worms in our product.

Request a Sample

We encourage you to test our soil. Let us know if you are interested and we will send you a sample to do a test grow. Your sample will be from current production and will be representative of what we are currently blending.