Over the last 30 years in the compost business, we have learned a lot about compost. As we look through trade magazines or search the internet to find an answer to a customer’s question, we gain some knowledge.

As I was reading John Deere’s February Furrow magazine recently, I found an interesting article on Microbiome Mysteries. The article says that in a healthy soil there are over a billion, yes with as B, bacteria in a gram of soil, as well as over 100,000 actinomycetes and a million fungi. When you consider there are 454 grams in a pound, those numbers are astronomical. I also heard one scientist say that in a spoonful of healthy soil, there are more organisms than there are people on earth.

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To have a healthy biome in your soil, you need to be aware that you are making a good life for them. There are many ways but by adding compost, especially manure-based compost like Cowsmo, you are doing your part to build and maintain a healthy soil.

Why? Microorganisms do not like change such as disturbing the soil. Even tillage affects the biome as does moving soil for construction. They also need organic matter to provide food for their little bodies. Cowsmo compost not only feeds the biome that is already there but also adds microorganisms into the soil.

When you grow plants in pots or artificial beds, you will get better results if the soil you are using has Cowsmo compost in it.